Vaccinations: Are you on auto-pilot?

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I took my son to a routine check up today just because it was something I felt I should do for the “government records” or whoever is keeping track of these things.  There was something that felt so dark about the office, but it should be no surprise that it feels dark when the purpose of “well-child” visits is mostly vaccination.  While I think there is nothing inherently evil in wanting to protect people from contracting serious illnesses, I do think there is something inherently evil in vaccines that contain the cells/DNA from aborted fetal tissue.  I have been debating writing this post for a while thinking that people are better off left in ignorance because once you have been convicted that many vaccines are unethical, you may be taking a difficult path in life in the next couple decades (such as undesirable relocation to another state if unethical vaccinations become mandatory or homeschooling until age 18).  But its time to wake up!! We have the internet…Mostly a time waster, and a community destroyer, this thing called the internet also has some good information and useful tools, including that we are currently allowed to access information about VACCINES!

Vaccines are full of toxins.  That is bad.  We are to treat our bodies like temples of the Holy Spirit.  Vaccines can cause bad reactions in some people and destroy the God-given immune system.  If you do some research, you will also find that some vaccines  are made using ABORTED FETAL TISSUE.  This is NOT a conspiracy anymore. The information is available.

There are ethical vaccines available (well, more ethical at least) but people so blindly follow the orders of pediatricians that few people have made a issue of it.   (Remember the hospital last year that was found out to be using aborted fetal tissue as ENERGY…Yes, our world is on the decline).  Maybe we think of persecution as trying to force Christians to worship a pagan God like in centuries past, but it can also be the subtle coercion of Christians into collaborating in the evil of abortion and providing gradually increasing consequences for not doing so.

Remember, when you read the Bible and thought, if that horrible future every comes while I’m alive I’ll be strong enough.  I will do the right thing.  Doing the right thing and being strong during the last days, probably includes not accepting vaccines containing the cells of aborted children. Well, we don’t know when Jesus is returning, but things are getting worse NOW!  It is time NOW to stick to principles in a world that wants to destroy your soul.  But the exciting thing is that JESUS HAS WON! CHRIST HAS RISEN!  and we just need to FOLLOW HIM!  We need to pick up our cross..even when it is hard, or hard to believe that society has grown so numb to something like aborted fetal tissue in vaccines.

Below are the links related to the aborted fetal issue in vaccines…Do your own research… And if you are shocked to find this out and had no idea, God forgives!  But in the spiritual deadness of today’s world, for those who need a push to do their own research and stop burying their head in the sand, I thought I would write this blog to be one more voice sharing with your the dark reality of vaccines.

Christ is Risen!  Cristos Anesti!  Al-Masih Qam!

For anyone who wants a sober look at what is going on in today’s world, I recommend a book I just read called Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future by Father Seraphim Rose available here:  Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future

Other note – Foster children have to be vaccinated, so that is probably a situation where I (personally) feel there is a true greater good at stake..