About Me

I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to  an almost six-year old boy and an 8 month old boy.  Raised Protestant, I converted to Orthodoxy with my husband over seven years ago.  We live in Northwest Arkansas. My patron saint is St. Irene Chrysovalantou which is the name I am using on this blog.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Patrick

    I stumbled upon your blog, because I, like you and your husband were, am on a journey to Orthodoxy. My wife and I are also from San Diego, but now reside in Indianapolis. I know not the details of yours and your husband’s journey, specifically whether you both joined together or one of you did first, but my wife is diametrically opposed to anything I have to say regarding Orthodox Christianity. I have attended two Divine Liturgy services, and a couple of Wednesday night prayer services (Vespers). I’ve listened to many a podcast from Ancient Faith radio, read a few books, and am convinced that Orthodox Christianity is the fullness of the faith as founded by the Apostles under the authority of Christ since Pentecost. However, as previously mentioned, my wife is not on board with it, and it is causing much conflict. Any suggestions or words of encouragement?

  2. Hi Patrick…thanks for stumbling on my blog. My husband and I joined together…however, I was hesistant at first and that is why we spent some time in the traditional Anglican church. It helped me get acclimated to a liturgical style of worship and eventually I wondered what came even before the Anglicans. Some historical facts that really helped me were learning that Orthodox Christians were not involved in the Inquisition and don’t have “blood on their hands” from an event in history like the Crusades; also learning that there are many, many Orthodox Christian matyrs, as in millions, was significant for me. I thought they must have something really special if darkness keeps trying to stomp them out. Also, what helped was learning the history of the liturgy…there really is significant proof early Christians used a very similar liturgy, even including much reference to the Theotokos, in addition to using icons. I am not sure the stumbling blocks for your wife though…but these facts helped me. At whichever Orthodox church you hope to attend, I am sure the priest and congregation would like to pray for the journey of you and your wife and offer support, so I would definitely suggest moving forward in some way with a priest’s advice on your specific situation.

  3. giorgos

    hey irene! i am an orthodox christian from greece and i am very happy to see that people are coming to the church!! here , in greece , where orthodoxy is the state religion, my friends and in general younger ones, dont practice the faith or even disregard it.i am 17 and none of my classmates goes to liturgy more than once in 6 months… just resurrection and maybe christmas !!! i am very happy to see how zealous you are about your faith!

    1. Hi Giorgos,
      Thank you for your kinds words and visit to the blog! Yes, there are quite a few people converting to Orthodoxy here in the United States. The teenage years seem to be a rough time for many….here too…I hope they all find their way back to church life very soon!

  4. andreaslovesthelord

    Your blog is magnificent! Thank you for sharing it! and for liking my own work. I was baptized into the Orthodox church at 1 year of age, but it’s that one becomes Orthodox not when and for how long they have been Orthodox, of course, isn’t it?! In this case it is the destination not the journey that is crucial, in the sense that all our destination is to follow the Truth and come to be with God. Keep doing your inspiring work and keep in touch?! Thank and God bless +

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