Time to move on…

Well, I have had this blog for a few years now.  I have used it to discuss why I started wearing a headcovering in my Orthodox Church and why I converted to Orthodoxy.  I have  used it to explore and share my feelings about secondary infertility and a few other things such as vaccinations, gmos, halloween, etc.  Honestly, the blog mostly started as a way to share my Orthodox faith with my immediate family who is Protestant.

However, I feel like this blog has mostly run its course.  I am thinking about starting a new blog about Orthodox homeschooling.  Not because I am an expert or anything, but because I have an only child (pretty atypical for most Orthodox Christian homeschooling families) I have some extra time.  I’m imagining for most moms when their first child is in kindergarten/1st grade, they also have one or two other younger kids and could find some of my research helpful.  For example, while many children can only check out a few books at the library at a time, my son can check out as many as I can carry since he is the only one  (like 20?) On the other hand, I’ve read some pretty amazing homeschooling blogs by moms who have many children so I could be wrong about this. In any case, its time to move on to a new chapter.

Thank you for anyone who has taken the time to read this blog.  When and if I have a new blog, I’ll post the link here.


2 thoughts on “Time to move on…

  1. Ruth Bigle

    Serena, I have loved reading your blog and your thoughts. I will miss it.
    I do thin your idea for a new blog is a good one, and I would enjoy that too! go for it.

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