Peaceful Coherence

blseraphim“Christianity is, supremely, coherence, for the Christian God has ordered everything in the universe, both with regard to everything else and with regard to Himself, Who is the beginning and end of all creation; and the Christian whose faith is genuine finds the Divine coherence in every aspect of his life and thought.  For the absurdist, everything falls apart, including his own philosophy, which can only be a short-lived phenomenon; for the Christian, everything holds together and is coherent, including those things which in themselves are incoherent.  The incoherence of the absurd is, in the end, part of a larger coherence…Never has such disorder reigned in the heart of man and in the world as today; but this is precisely because man has fallen away from a truth and a coherence that have been revealed in their fullness only in Christ.”    –Blessed Seraphim Rose  (From “Father Seraphim Rose: His Life and Works, pg 156.)



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