Excerpt from My Life in Christ by Saint John of Kronstadt

This below quote by Saint John of Kronstadt has been encouraging and challenging to me as I continue the struggle of secondary infertility and try to take each day as it comes:

“If my life were prolonged only for a few moments – let us say ten – and five of these ten were moments of peace and quietness, and the remaining five moments of pain and torments, even then I ought undoubtedly to say,”Surely the Giver of Life is with me, and He will provide for me”;  likewise, I undoubtedly ought to say, “There is a being in the world who has the power of death, because the five unfavorable moments must proceed from the being that works against God, for the same cause cannot produce opposite actions.  And in me, sinner as I am, at least seventy parts of my spiritual life belong to God, and only thirty parts to the Devil.  How is it possible for me, then, not to see my Benefactor constantly before me, and how can I possibly waiver mentally in my lively faith in Him?” – Saint John of Kronstadt


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